• Warrick Lane Carpark Signage

BADU DAMAL (under the earth)
4 levels of carpark
Underground carpark project

Commissioned by Blacktown City Council, this extensive first of a kind design was unveiled July 2021.

Through strict consultation with the Dharug Elders, the traditional custodians of the land of Blacktown, the authorisation of specifically chosen native fauna and language was granted. From the outset, my intention was to pay homage to local wildlife which were either burrowing, cave dwelling and/or nocturnal. In doing so, the four respective levels would become honoured with their own totem and each of which identified by purpose designed way finding through colouration and motifs. These are as follows…

WIRRIGA (Goanna / Monitor lizard)
Wirriga is the known Dharug language name for the largest of local lizard. These can still be found within the Blacktown Shire but mostly in dense bushland.

WUMBAT (Wombat)
Wumbat is the known Drug language name for our little furry friend once prevalent on Wianamatta Country being where ‘Blacktown’ now sits.

WIRAMBI (Flying Fox / Fruit Bat)
Wirambi id the known Dharug language name for the bat. The largest being this one and a significant totem of the local First Nations peoples.

MUNDU (Bilby)
Mundu is the known Dharug language name for our little furry (hopping) burrowing friend once found throughout Wianamatta Country.

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