Art & Sole - Anatomy of the Cloud

The Activity

‘ART & SOLE’ is an interactive activity whereby students create a graphic using the outline of their shoes as the template. The objective is to design a sole with a customised insignia that might leave an everlasting impression wherever one were to walk. Designs encouraged may feature issues relating politics, social justice, climate change, gender equality etc.

In his youth, Blak found himself searching for an ultimate identity and consequently sought influence in Hip Hop & brand shoe culture from the U.S. Iconic films like ‘Do the Right Thing’ by Spike Lee as well as ‘Breakdance’ were to prove pivotal in seeking that identity.

Referencing a unique pair of Air Jordan Basket Ball boots with a tailored sole, Blak impresses upon the students the concept of the importance of narrative and composition in art & design.

Anatomy of the Cloud
Students are presented with a powerful power point presentation acknowledging political facts, social justice issues & identity.
Artistic focus on debunking stereotypes in first nations arts whilst conversly introducing participants to the 'movers & shakers' of Aboriginal & Torres strait islander contemporary art practices.

Students then embark on creating a signature Blak Douglas 'flat - bottom cloud' through a breif tutuorial. Learning the metaphor behind the use of these clouds in his award winning paintings.

The Presenter

Blak Douglas (aka Adam Hill) was born in Blacktown to a Caucasian Australian Mother and a Dhungatti Aboriginal Father. Schooled in Penrith NSW, Blak studied Graphic Design at UWS Nepean graduating with a Bachelor of Arts. Later in visual arts, he emerged into Aboriginal art through Boomalli Artists (Leichhardt).

Blak has staged numerous solo and participated in group exhibitions widely. Blak Douglas is a four – time finalist in the Archibald Prize and is held in collections such as the Art Gallery of NSW, National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Australia, National Maritime Museum, Taipei Museum and The AAMU of Utrecht.


Students will need a visual diary & pen, two sheets A3 cartridge paper and crayons / markers.

*Data projector / laptop at the ready or Smartboard to accommodate USB stick


DURATION: 90 mins
COST: $1250 + GST
SUITABILITY: Years 8 – 10 (Aboriginal studies, History, Visual Art) *MAXIMUM 50 students
PLEASE NOTE: There is a coarse political content in this programme.
WWC: WWC0100937E