• Jacky & Ginni

Jacky & Ginni
64 x 21.5 x 20cm
Bronze (optional sandstone plinth)
7 (pairs)
Enquire: info@nandahobbs.com

The journey for these two jarjums began with the acquisition of ‘Jackie’, a 1960’s garden ornament from Gumtree. Personally collected from Gosford, he was slightly emaciated so I set to task and restored him to original glory. A little later, a dear friend mentioned that her Mother had an equally emaciated ‘Ginnie’ in her yard. We mutually agreed they should be reunited as brotha & sista.

It was the trusty dealer Ralph Hobbs whom spied the handsome pair in their biological home (my studio) and exclaimed… ‘they should be cast’. I wasted no time in whipping them off to a talented local mould maker and from her studio to Crawfords Casting. The rest is his-story.

By producing these two jarjum statuettes, they quite possibly become the first Aboriginal child monuments which I believe should feature en mass throughout parks throughout Australia.

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