• Directing NYE 2022 9pm Sydney Celebrations

Bringing in 2022 was a monumental challenge that was met and exceeded by the many talented exclusively First Nation people that stepped up and truly made it a NYE to remember.

Welcome to country was opened with a traditional smoking ceremony performed to the majestic sounds of the jidaki followed by an original music score and track written and performed by the abundantly gifted duo of Barkaa & Dobby.

Torres Straight Island and aboriginal dances were choreographed, filmed in silhouette and then projected onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the world to see- 1.9B reached.

Spanning 9 minutes and culminating in passing of the message stick. A message stick is a communication device traditionally used by Aboriginal people. The objects were carried by messengers over long distances and were used for reinforcing a verbal message.

The message here is clear. Respect, recognition and a constitutional voice for First Nation people. What better way to promote that message.

Special thanks to team Blak and everyone Involved

Troy Russell: Sound engineer

Gotaro Uematsu: Graphics and animation

Albert David: Dance, song, choreography

Dancers: Shanaya Donovan, Jumikah Donovan, Kawana Smallwood, Hannah Hansen, Isabelle Higgison, Buia David, Chleo Pryce

Matthew Doyle: Song / Didgeridoo

Peta Strachan: Dance coordinator / stylist

Lea Francis: Studio Manager

Aunty Julie Jones: Cultural advisor

Samantha Rhodes: Costume consultant

Asher Foley Milgate: Photography of Elder portraits. Elders include: Aunty Marlene Cummins (Woppaburra [Kuku Yalandji]), Aunty Bev Ward (Dharug), Aunty Merle Williams (Gundungurra),

Uncle Ralph Townsend (Gothang), Uncle Chris Tobin (Dharug), Uncle Max Eulo (Ngemba), Aunty Shirley Lomas (Dhungatti), Uncle Dennis Foley (Gai Mariagal), Aunty Elly Chatfield (Gomerio), Uncle Billy McPherson (Yuuwaalaraay [Gomerio]), Aunty Jean South (Barkinji)

Sponsors and stakeholders: ABC Australia, City of Sydney, EORA Clollege, FOTI Fireworks, Sydney Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council, Sydney Opera House, Tribal Warrior Association, Vandal Design Agency

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2 comments on “Directing NYE 2022 9pm Sydney Celebrations”

  1. I am fairly isolated in a retirement village & unable to participate in the New Year.
    It is wonderful to see these beautifully assembled glimpses of a truly unique NYE.
    Just great to see our First Nations people performing.

  2. I knew Adam Hill aka Blak Douglas through personal channels over 20 years ago. I observed a man who was completely dedicated and passionate about his art expression. Back then I didn't get it. What an amazing journey he has been on with the recent culmination of the latest NYE celebration. Well done, well done. A beautiful expose of elements of culture, people, and unique collaboration. Can't wait to see what's next for you along your journey. You deserve EVERY accolade and a continued prosperous future.

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