• Silent Cop 2.0

    National Still Life Award Winner 2021

'Silent Cop' 2020 w PayBak Spear
230 x 120 x 45cm
Bronze / Concrete /Nickel Plated Cast Resin
WINNER 2021 ‘STILL’ award

Recalling the omnipresence of the 'policeman's hat' positioned at centre of intersections as a traffic guide, the hat was also referred to as a 'silent cop'.

Designed to ensure drivers wouldn't cut the corner when turning into an opposing street, these remained an effective measure until the prevalence of sports cars. Out of curiosity, I searched eBay wondering if there were any available to meet my hypothesis in this unique sculpture. Sure enough, in a country town someone was selling a fine example.

On a visit to Yuendumu around 2001, I was encouraged to ‘b-line’ to the arts centre. Two items stood out in particular resulting n my purchases. One, a Karlye boomerang and an incredible solid single piece spear. The spear was heavy and beautifully symmetrical complete with consistent rasp marks all the way down. The spear head itself, broad & long. This was designed for display purposes only.

After years of observing it in the corner of my living room, the penny dropped. I’d located the PayPal font online & set to task modifying the the logo to read ‘PayBak’. I was then directed to a renowned laser cutting company who successfully produced my new logo perfectly onto the original wooden spear head. Then, seeking the talents of a prominent local based mould maker, we produced the necessary moulds of both the ‘road hat’ and the spear and then it was off to the casting company.

The result is this piece I dedicate to all perpetrators whom were instrumental in the overwhelming numbers of Police abuse and incarcerated deaths in custody pertinent to Indigenous mob in recent times.

“Brother I don’t understand, what’s happened to the Koori man they took the weapons from my hand but it’s much more…”

‘Free to be a man’, Archie Roach 2009

I've envisaged the ultimate weapon of attack on colonial "Australia" for years now. Something stylish and with attention to detail designed to bring down the most feared and powerful monster. Just as Dracula or a werewolf require a silver bullet, I felt the evil politician requires a silver tipped spear.

Originally a hand carved spear from Yuendumu I’d purchased on my first trip

there during the year 2001. It seemed intended more as an ornamental object due to it’s weight and symmetrical finish.

Through regular transactions on PayPal, frequently observing their logo, it hit me. So I stylised the existing logo and began the meticulous process of carving and then moulding the resin versions.

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2 comments on “Silent Cop 2.0”

  1. Oh, Congratulations, Dear Blak,
    Macdaddy told me of your win. So proud of you for pushing the envelope. Stay strong, curious and challenged.
    Hope to see you up here or down there one of these days.
    Lots of love zooming down the highway from the north.
    Malina xx