• Truism Australia

Truism Australia
150 x 200cm
Synthetic polymer on canvas

The theme park became established in 1789 and the new operators wasted little time branding their new consortium. For an elite fraternity, the shareholders were bound to capitalise on innumerable acreage for which to lay the foundations of the newest, most exciting entertainment facility on the planet.

There were to be no tolerance for hindrance. Any non-members and or under-age imposters would be swiftly ushered in the opposite direction, to tailored quarantined correctional areas.

After all, virginal business opportunities become heavily franchised and the company must perform on behalf of the shareholders and investors alike.

The piece conjures the unjust / inhumane attitudes pertaining the ‘white australia policy’. The captive containment of the first nations occupants whilst the establishment moved forth with ‘progress’. “Sydney” has become one of the most visited tourist destinations. Tourism or TRUISM?

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