• Of Aboriginal De - Scent

Of Aboriginal De - Scent
Sydney Festival, Mosman National Park, Three Views Exhibition

Capitalising on this unique opportunity to utilise one of the most beautiful, treasured and expensive views on the continent, I’ve elected to rub the face of denialism in its own excrement.

One of the most macabre and obscene installations yet created, this piece is designed to jeopardise the views that so many have inherited through inheritance and privileged fortune.

A stylised Cubba-Cubba clansman hangs outside. A trophy sentiment of Governor Macquarie’s instructions to military, police & settlers. Internally, the viewer is dared to approach the window opening yet confronted by an ephemeral installation of faux bones, comprising of hand cut eucalyptus painted in white ochre. This ‘massacre pile’ lay on a bed of red earth acknowledging the immense blood shed through the barbaric acts of the gallant men responsible for establishing colonial “australia”.

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