• Gammon

    Land & Language Mural Wollongong Central 2017

180 x 300cm
Synthetic polymer on board

Commissioned by Ambush Gallery, Sydney for Wollongong Central Shopping Centre, this piece accompanied several other artists for what would become a group exhibition titled ‘Language matters’. The display coincided with the 2017 NAIDOC week in Wollongong.

I decided to create an exciting graphic image designed initially in Adobe Illustrator and then projected as a transparency onto the designated boards.

The challenge I’d set was to create as vibrant an image as possible yet using only the four colours of the earth, ‘Gammon’ is such a prevalent word used across the continent in modern Aboriginal creole. It’s always inflicted with gusto and meaning and most often in a jocular manner. Hence I tried to convey this visually in a ‘cartoon’ fashion.

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