• Cadigal/Wangal Wayfinding Project

Cadigal/Wangal Wayfinding Project
Stainless Steel
Public Art Leichhardt NSW

The Botanical name is Xanthorrhoea Austalis but here the plant is known as Cadi.

I wish to acknowledge the totem of the local peoples. In as elaborate was as possible and hence this design would be arguably the first such acknowledgement here.

being a sensitive species, the loam needs to be uncorrupted, which is why we rarely see the actual plant growing happily in suburbia. It is my vision that this be the first of many models that may appear in and around the CBD of Sydney.

At least this piece may stand as the first quasi monument to the totem of the Gadigal (Cadigal) peoples.

It is only apt that this impressive stature stands as homage to the men whom met the Britich on arrival, standing erect and with spears at side. No doubt an impressive site indeed. With accompanying plaque, this piece will serve as a critical education resource fro all visitors to Hawthorne Reserve.

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