• Truth or Dare

    Harrison Gallery 2009

TRUTH OR DARE (Artist statement, May 2009)

How fucking dare you offload such vermin
And name such a collective a ‘colony’

How fucking dare you introduce disease
And disdainfully proceed to capitalise upon the circumstance

How fucking dare you punish, and then reward your felons
With allotments of OUR ancestral lands

How fucking dare you ‘shoot on sight’
And burn the infants on open flame whence they attempted to flee

How fucking dare you insist on the learning of your rhetoric
And fail to tongue but ONE word of our languages

How fucking dare you assume governance
And then like ‘pigs in shit’, frolic within its corruptive ways

How fucking dare you forcibly acquire mineral assets
And then dangle the gold plated carrot before the destitute

How fucking dare you not permit our kids to swim in the public baths
But today, bribe their offspring with your ‘no school- no pool’ policy

How fucking dare you encourage the breeding out of my bloodline
And now request of me my ‘certificate of Aboriginality’

How fucking dare you embroil me in your economic conspiracies
And insist I pay a tax to the perpetrators

How fucking dare you embrace a constellation
And apply it to your mono- cultural flag, and upon your mono- cultural torso

How fucking dare you continually FAIL/ IGNORE/ CELEBRATE With sickening patriotic narcissism, your revered day of ‘landing’

How fucking dare the TRUTH remain dissimulated…

Adam Hill, 2009

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