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Resin/iron dust on wheelie bins

With the intervention extended in the N.T. equivalent to that of a lease on ancestral grounds enabling the dumping of Nuclear Waste, or, an additional 99yrs on a reserve containing iron ore / bauxite / diamonds / opals / platinum / gold or silver… one asks oneself- what exactly did he mean by ‘SORRY’?

The link below will take you directly to the ‘apology’ as read by former (and current candidate possibility) Kevin Rudd. Read it if you have not and embrace it from a ‘legal’ perspective. It’s one of the most cleverly devised writings of ANY gubbahment, rife with ‘make em’ cry whilst covering our ass’ rhetoric.

Read the 'Apology'

Is all that you can’t say
Years gone by and still
Words don’t come easily
Like sorry like sorry’

Tracy Chapman (1988)

‘Money talks, mmm-hmm-hmm,
money talks
Dirty cash I want you,
dirty cash I need you,
Money talks,
money talks
Dirty cash I want you,
dirty cash I need you, woh-oh’
(Dirty cash, dirty cash)

Stevie V (1990)

The occasion was of course…designed to result in a national consensus amongst anyone ‘non-Indigenous’ to- feel good and move on. Precisely like (as some environmental critics would say) RECYCLING. ‘This’ goes in ‘that’ bin and ‘we’ve done our bit’ for the environment this fortnight’.

Hence, this crafted piece in response to the APOLOGY from my somewhat analytical perspective. The relative mundane unrecognised public installation piece- the ‘Wheelie Bin’ becomes the perfect metaphor for ‘bureaucracy’. In my eyes, worthy of its own public monument status as per any bust of some so-called ‘founder’ or contributor to the ‘federation’ of this big brown land.

So now here we have all congregated once again, within the Parliament House of ‘New South Wales’, in a quasi ‘corroboree’ if you will.

The chosen representatives of diverse tribal backgrounds and similarly to Bennelong or Bungaree… we celebrate at the invitation of the Government.

Well three cheers to us! And may God save the CLEAN (up) because NOTHING… will save the shovelling GENERAL (public).

BLACK DOUGLAS (aka) Adam Hill, 2012

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