• Are We There Yet?

    South Hill Heritage Estate 2012

‘Are we there yet?’

This was a duo exhibition featuring works from myself and Hugh Ramage. I’d been commissioned to create an artwork by the National Museum of Australia in Canberra and I’d agreed to assist them by transporting the piece part of the way.

At the time, my dear friends Linda & Roland Gumbert operated a private gallery named South Hill at Goulburn. I suggested that we kill two birds with the one stone by staging an exhibition there, hence delivering the said mentioned piece for the NMA.

They kindly accommodated us and select party over the weekend following our opening night and everything progressed famously.

At that point in time I’d been enjoying a whee hiatus from painting on canvas so as we see here the suite of artworks were mostly produced using found objects including discarded chair backs, vintage tables and even a skate board deck. Many of the pieces featured custom cut eucalyptus branch, the pieces were then painted in either synthetic polymer or a very fancy eco friendly oil paint.

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