The Coalface


TITLE: The Coalface

SIZE: 42 x 59cm - A2 (Inc. 6cm border)
MEDIUM: 12 pigment print on 310gsm photo rag
PRICE: $270 + gst
EDITION: 30 (Signed)



TITLE: Coalface

It was indeed an honour to be commissioned to create this artwork in aim of speaking out against those extractive fossil fuel industries whom ignore environmental regulations. My intent here was to depict the fragility of fauna against the wrath of mining. I chose to feature the Koala in this instance because what we are consistently finding is that, this incredibly cute marsupial remains at the fore of the fight for preservation in NSW, not only in itself but it's natural habitat. There's a key element that exists here on this continent that remains spiritually evasive to many, particularly those who observe life through economic eyes. There is a reason for why rare species of flora & fauna exist upon a landscape that contains desirable minerals. These species are TOTEMS and caretakers of dreamings that date back what seems a millennia compared to when a "Federation" declared that... a visiting creed would hold rank in a self anointed Government and declare such a treasured ecosystem 'up for grabs' to the highest bidder. We must enact for the sake of our threatened species and also for our children to enjoy the treasured exuberance of being at one within such a landscape & with such a totem.

NOTE: The artwork will feature as a graphic mural on Redfern Street opposite Joes Hardwareas of 18/05/24.