Three Tiddas - POA



Title: The Buruburongal Bunyip

Date: 2021

Media: Synthetic polymer paint on MDF board

Dimensions: 150 x 200cm

PRICE: $24k

This canvas was commissioned especially for this exhibition. A modern take on the adjacent board. An opportunity to refine the Bunyip Spirit commensurate with my evolved painting style. The location here is viewed from the mouth of Glenbrook Creek, a place that holds vivid memories

for me. In my youth I'd spent a lot of time frolicking within the National Park, becoming known to many important sites. One particular day, we'd berthed our dingy's and begun fossicking around a littered campsite. It wasn't long before I'd unearthed a hidden tribal treasure that would've been fit for any museum display. Savouring the incredible moment of possibly being the first to lay hands upon the item since the clansmen had last utilised it, we returned the piece to it's resting place. I'd felt as though I'd earned the respect of the great Bunyip Spirit.