• Winner: The Archibald Prize 2022

Moby Dickens
3m x 2m
Synthetic polymer on linen
Archibald Prize 2022

Influenced by one of my favourite Spiritually we all know that the ‘Mother’ (Earth) is angry at us. Renaissance painters ‘Masaccio’, I sought to find a biblical metaphor representative of the Lismore flooding disaster. I needed look no further than the quintessentially disgruntled resident artist - Karla Dickens. My renowned ‘flat bottomed clouds’ number 14 here, indicative of the number of days & nights the deluge lasted first time round. That’s DOUBLE what Noah encountered. The leaking

buckets here serve as a cryptic acknowledgement of the generic 50% takings of commercial galleries. We as artists slave on our product only to have the wealthy ‘slave master’ tax half of our earnings at end of the work day. The rising muddied waters also a symbol of the the artists position within the ‘art world’… trepidatious, unchartered and ominous. One would thus think that a devoutly religious Prime Minister might significantly take note of the communities desperate call for assistance.

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5 comments on “Winner: The Archibald Prize 2022”

  1. Hi Blake, this work is sensational.
    Says so much .Karla the angry face of Lismore .
    She's brilliant.
    Has this been sold?
    Could I possibly afford it?
    Can this work visit us at the Tweed gallery in Murwillumbah.
    20 people sheltered under the gallery for 4 days trapped by landslide and broken bridge!
    Hope it wins to send our message.

  2. Hi We are Year 9 Aboriginal Studies class on Wodi Wodi country on the Dharawal nation at Lake Illawarra High . We love your artwork and the story behind it. We love the little bits of detail that add to the story like the leaking buckets that only some of us picked up. Congratulations on winning we reckon you really deserved it

  3. I recently had the pleasure of listening to you talk at the VADEA conference in Sydney (May 2022), I found your articulation of the reasons for your passionate works empowering, and congratulate you on your wonderful success in not just the Archibald but your art in general.

  4. I just received my greens raffle prize of a print of this and I’m soooooow thrilled and honoured . Trying to find a suitable place to hang it . Love to see more of your work next time I’m up
    In the big smoke . I’m in Culburra . Land of the Jeringa clan of the Wandi Wandian people💚💚💚💚