TITLE: The Blakbone Of The Country
SIZE: 120 cm x 170 cm
MEDIUM: Synthetic polymer on canvas

My recent works feature stylised road signage as metaphors for cultural acknowledgement and social justice awareness. This is somewhat of a return to my early works when my first large scale solo was staged at More Gallery and titled – ‘A sign of the crimes’.

I really enjoy creating cryptic metaphors by modifying existing road signage. This particular sign usually appears less the spear/boomerang and indicates a ‘dangerous surface’ i.e. a cliff face and or coastal walk. It was too obvious to not modify it to represent the fall of the warrior once the weapons were removed from his hands.

The ‘Grandmother’ moon creates a dominant energy on this vast & beautiful night landscape that most of us are familiar with. The ‘women’s’ logo features ghostly & opaque on the horizon as a guardian over the community and compliments the boomerang ‘road kill’ in the foreground. Together they marry as a poignant double entendre being that; women have become the backbone of communities where the warrior has fallen.

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